Power Harrows for Market Gardens

by / Tuesday, 06 March 2018 / Published in Tractor Tools Direct

Power Harrows for Market Gardens

With the advent of spring comes the time to prepare market gardens for production. Power harrows are an excellent choice for this task. By design, these machines are perfect for seedbed preparation and weed control. Not only are they less damaging to the soil than more traditional tillage tools like the power tiller, but their versatility allows them to tackle a variety of jobs. And who doesn’t love getting more bang for their buck?

First let’s look at the design of a power harrow. A power harrow has a series of vertical tines connected to horizontal axes. As these axes turn, they till the soil to an adjustable level. A mesh roller follows these axes further tamping the soil and sealing the surface to prevent moisture loss while providing an optimal bed for receiving seeds.

A power harrow is often preferred over other tillage tools like rotary hoes and power harrows because they are less damaging to soil structure. This is due to the harrow’s circular motion which stirs the soil but does not mix the layers. This prevents the inversion of soil layers and vertical compression. The latter is of particular concern since vertical compression can cause hardpan formation which decreases soil drainage and creates a barrier through which roots have difficulty penetrating.

A power harrow’s working depth can also be adjusted which means that it is possible to work just to the depth of the top root layer. Thus, a power harrow brings up less soil with weed roots than is typical with a tiller. This allows for better sun exposure on roots to kill unwanted weeds which is especially important for organic growers who are looking for ways to avoid herbicide use.

A power harrow is also an extremely versatile piece of equipment and can be used for many tasks beyond the market garden. Its ability to level ground makes it a perfect choice for race track, rodeo arena and construction site preparation. Since it combines the leveling and texturizing tasks of a tiller with the finishing details of a chain drag, power harrows are also an ideal implement for equine arena maintenance.

Overall, power harrows are a wonderful choice for the market gardener. With their advantage of horizontal, minimum tillage and adjustable working depth, they provide perfect seedbed preparation and weed control. Add to that their versatility and availability in a variety of sizes, and you are sure to find the one that is a perfect fit for your operation.

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