Referral Partner Program

Have you owned your Ibex baler for at least one hay season? Do you love your baler?  Do you want to spread the word about this amazing little machine, and also make a little money for yourself?  Then you should consider enrolling in our Referral Partner Program.

The program is simple.  Just send us an email at letting us know you’d like to participate, and we will send you a unique coupon code.  If you speak to a customer who decides to purchase a baler from us, give them the code, and they will receive an extra $300 off the purchase of the baler.  But here is the really exciting part:  When we receive their order, with your coupon code included, we will send you a check for $300!  It’s that simple. 

In addition, if you wish, we’ll connect you with customers who would like to talk to someone who has bought a baler, or with customers who want to see a baler in person and are near your location. We’ll simply have them contact you to talk or set up an appointment.

Regardless of whether you found a prospective customer yourself, they found you, or if Tractor Tools Direct put them in contact with you, anytime you assist a  customer, you can earn a $300 cash Referral Reward if that person purchases a new Ibex baler.

For a limited time, if you sign up for this program, we’ll also send you a coupon code for $25 off any item at Tractor Tools Direct!  Use it to buy new blades, some twine, or to help pay for part of a bigger purchase.

This program costs you nothing, and you are under no obligation. It’s just an opportunity to share your experiences, help out another small farmer, and generate a little revenue while you’re at it.  So what do you say, wanna join the team?  Contact us at to sign up.