Haying Independence


What is haying independence?

Haying independence is the goal of many small farmers. It’s the ability to make a farm fully sustainable by growing and harvesting your own forage for your own animals.  

Why is haying independence important?

Many small farm operators are tired of paying high prices for hay. They are often disappointed by the quality of hay available on the markets, or they are fed up with the contract hay baler who doesn’t think their field is a priority. Too often these scenarios result in hay that is both high priced and of poor quality. 

Who can achieve haying independence?

Anyone with a compact tractor. Yes, you heard that right...anyone with a compact tractor...and the hay baling equipment to fit it. Tractor Tools Direct has everything you need and more. 

What equipment do I need?

To bale your own hay, you need a tractor - any size will do as long as it has a 3-point hitch PTO.  Then you’ll need  a hay mower, rake, and baler sized for that tractor. Tractor Tools Direct is proud to offer hay baling packages that include these implements, in a size that will fit your tractor, regardless of how small. If you need a primer on hay baling equipment, our Buyer’s Guide can bring you up to speed.

Is the equipment easy to use and maintain?

Yes! Tractor Tools Direct sells only heavy-duty and durable equipment. Implements come with warranties and user manuals. Our website is loaded with informative brochures, videos, and blogs to help our customers set-up, operate, service, and maintain their purchased equipment themselves--enabling even further independence! We even have a service team ready to answer your phone calls--just call us from the field if you need to troubleshoot!

This all sounds great! How can I bring haying independence to my small farm?

That’s probably the easiest part of all! Simply check out the rest of our website to see what we have to offer. And by “check out”, we mean that literally! All of our products can be purchased online safely and securely. But that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to a real person! Members of our team are ready to assist you by phone during regular business hours. Just call 260-BALE-HAY today! 

Well, what about the “bring” part of my last question? How do I get my purchase home?

At Tractor Tools Direct, every item we sell can be shipped directly to your door. We do everything we can to make the delivery process as simple and trouble-free as possible. If you prefer and your location allows, you can also pick up your purchase straight from our warehouse in Indiana. Just don't forget your trailer!

But what if I need parts? Baling supplies?

Don’t worry, we wouldn’t leave you in the lurch like that! Tractor Tools Direct sells parts and supplies for every piece of equipment we sell. From mower blades, to baler tines, from twine to net wrap--we’ve got you covered (pun intended!).  All parts and supplies are shipped directly to your door.

Haying independence never seemed so easy! What if I have more questions?

As stated above, check out more of our website where you are sure to find the answers to most, if not all, of your questions. If you want to talk to a member of our team, call 260-BALE HAY. We do not work on commission, so don’t worry about high-pressure sales tactics. We love what we do and are proud of what we sell, so talking about it makes our day!