Do you have used or demo equipment for sale?

Yes we do! We get our used and demo equipment up on the website as soon as possible - be sure to check those pages often. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, shoot us an email at and we will let you know if and when we get that item.

Where do I get parts for the equipment you sell?

We sell parts for every piece of equipment we sell. Just check our website here. If you don’t see what you need, email us at or call at 260-225-3429 and we can provide you assistance. Please use the downloadable parts manual for your implement from this website to identify the part number before calling.

Why not just buy a square baler?

A mini round baler needs only around 15 horsepower to operate.

Round balers weigh much less than square balers. This means they are safer to operate on hills, and tractors of any size can easily pull them.

Round balers are simpler machines than square balers, with fewer adjustments required and fewer parts to break.

Square balers “kick” up to 90 times per minute. On a small tractor this constant jerking motion can be somewhat fatiguing.

A mini round baler will actually fit in the back of a pickup truck. In storage it will take up about a quarter as much space as a square baler.

If there is any chance the bales may stay in the field for any extended period of time, mini round bales will hold up much better to rain and dew. Net wrap provides an even higher level of protection.

What about maintenance? Who can fix it if something breaks?

We do our research on the products we sell. We only buy products that are well-engineered and fabricated, and designed to be as simple and maintenance-free as possible. Sometimes, though, repair is required. If you are handy, you can do the repairs yourself. None of our equipment has computer chips or complicated electronics – it is made to be worked on by the farmer. But if you’d prefer to have someone else do the work, your local tractor and farm implement dealer should be able to do any work necessary. Though most of our equipment is made smaller than standard, mechanically it will be familiar to any mechanic who repairs bigger farm equipment.

Do you offer any discounts for multiple items purchases?

Yes we do! Our discount structure is very simple: Buy 2 implements and receive a 5 percent discount on the price of those implements. Buy 3 or more, and your discount doubles to 10 percent!

Mix and match whatever implements you need. If you’re not sure which hay implements are best suited to your tractor, click here to learn about our recommended hay baling packages.

How does shipping work?

We have lots of details about the shipping process on our Shipping page. Check it out!

Is there a total shipping discount for multiple items shipped to the same location?

Yes. Multiple item purchases will result in significant savings in per-item shipping charges. Just pop them in your cart to check the shipping total. Here is a video that explains how to do that.

Do I have to make my purchase over the web?

No you don’t. If you’d prefer you can give us a call at 260-225-3429 to place your order. You’ll get a real, live person when you call who can help you through the purchase process. Or if you want, you can always come see us in person. We’re located at 800 South 9th Street, Terre Haute, Indiana, 47807. Please let us know in advance if you decide to visit, so we can be prepared to assist you.

What are my options for payment?

We try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to payment for your purchase. Of course, you can place your order over the web using your credit card or Paypal account, just like with Amazon or other online retailers. But we also accept cashier’s checks, certified checks, business checks, money orders, and even personal checks. In the case of personal checks, we will wait until the check clears to ship your item. Just call or email to let us know the check is on its way and we will hold the item for you.

Do you offer financing?

If you have a farm or business, we can provide you with financing on every piece of equipment we sell. You can even finance the shipping charges. We work with AgDirect, an A+ rated lending organization, to provide you with competitive rates and several different financing structures. You can learn more about this program and even fill out an online application in less than 5 minutes by going to our Financing Page.

Do you offer layaway?

Yes we do. Twenty percent down will hold your in-stock item for up to 180 days.

Is the PTO shaft included with my implements purchase?

Yes, we include a PTO shaft with every PTO-powered implement we sell, unless specifically noted otherwise. The price listed includes the PTO shaft. In some cases you may need to trim the shaft to fit your tractor.

How do I cut my PTO shaft to the right length?

In some cases, you will need to trim the PTO shaft to fit your tractor. We have an instructional video and printable PDF that explain step-by-step how to properly cut your PTO shaft so it is safe to use and will not cause damage to your tractor or implement. To find these tutorials, just click under the Videos and/or Manuals tabs for the product page you are viewing in the showroom.

I have more questions. If I call your number, will I be able to talk to a real person who can answer my questions about the equipment I'm considering?

Yes! We welcome your calls. We can be reached by calling 260-225-3429, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. If by chance you call when we are busy helping other customers, please leave us a message that includes your name, phone number, and what you are calling about. Normally we can call you back in a few minutes. You can also shoot us an email at with your questions at any time and we’ll reply within 24 hours.

Do you take trade-ins?

Although we will consider any trade-in, we are particularly looking for:

  • Any item of a brand we currently sell. If you need a bigger machine, or want to switch from a mini round to a square baler, we will give you top trade in value, probably far higher than the local implement dealer will give you.
  • Utility tractors of any size. In particular we are always looking for Kubota BX, B, and L Series tractors. All brands are welcome though.
  • Any other implements in good condition.

If you’d like us to consider a trade in, please take several pictures of the implement or tractor in question, including the serial number and model number if possible. Give us a call at 260-225-3429, email us the pictures, and we can discuss getting you what you need and the credit we can give you towards your purchase.

A better deal for many of our customers is our consignment program. If you can be patient on getting the money back out of your implement or tractor, this is the way to go. Just bring us your equipment, and we will clean it, give it a full inspection, and replace any missing or damaged parts. We’ll list it on our website, and pay you a 25% commission, minus our costs, when it sells. Especially if it’s a brand we already sell, consigned items sell like hotcakes and you’re likely to pocket more than if you tried to sell it yourself - and we do all the work!

How do pre-orders work?

Preordering is easy! Click here to learn more!