No Loader? No Problem.

No Loader? No Problem.

So you have a compact tractor on your small farm, but you don’t have a front loader. Maybe price puts one out of reach. Maybe you have an older tractor that is not set up for a front loader. Well don’t let this stop you from getting work done! Dump buckets are a great solution for tackling many of the same tasks of a front loader at a more affordable price.

Basically, a dump bucket is a wheel barrow but bigger, better, and much more efficient. It can be used for digging, scooping, and hauling material of all types. With its depth and wide, flat base, a dump bucket can carry some loads that don’t easily fit in a loader bucket. And because it has a removable tailgate, it’s a much better option for some materials that could fall out of a traditional front loader bucket.

And dump buckets aren’t just for farm tasks. They are perfect for use on construction sites, in orchards, golf courses, school facilities, and more. Some of these tasks include:

  • Hauling hay bales
  • Scooping and hauling manure
  • Transporting firewood, wood chips, mulch, sawdust, tree limbs, leaves
  • Filling potholes in a driveway
  • Hauling bricks and stone
  • Shoveling and hauling snow
  • Hauling compost
  • Transporting feed

There are also several “out-of-the-ordinary” uses for a dump bucket as well. It can be used for ballast weight to provide balance and stability to a tractor. It can also be used as a workbench of sorts when out in the field. And if you do have a loader, a dump bucket can be a great complement for it. Use them together to double your carrying capacity or to simply balance the weight of a load for greater stability.

Here at Tractor Tools Direct, we offer two sizes of 3-point dump buckets: the Ibex TX47 (47” wide and 22” deep) and the Ibex TS60 (60” wide and 22” deep). To learn more about these products or to place an order please visit our website or give us a call at (260) 225-3429. Our customer service team will be happy to provide you with “loads'' of help! 

Feb 1st 2024 Marti Goodwin

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