Testimonial by Jim from Jarrettsville, MD

"Good morning,

I wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent service and technical support provided by Jason from Tractor Tools Direct.
I purchased the package, which included the Bellon drum mower, Ibex wheel rake and Ibex Tx31 baler.
The mower and rake performed flawlessly “out-of-the-box,” with very few adjustments. The baler presented more challenges; however, Jason was extremely professional and patient as we worked to troubleshoot a few nuances. In the end, his recommendations and guidance allowed for smooth operation of the baler and formation of near-perfect 35+/- pound bales.
Please extend my appreciation to Jason and your customer service team.
Thank you"

Testimonial by Michael from Norman, OK

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the equipment I purchased. I got the homestead package (drum mower, wheel rake, mini-round baler), and it worked better than I imagined. I was able to bale my 10 acre mini-farm in a remarkably short period of time. This wouldn't have been possible without your amazing customer service (Tom, and others) who helped me at every step of the way. The videos were very helpful, but calling customer service was even better. I am a complete rookie at this, which I'm sure was evident with my questions (!!), but Tom and the other customer service people were patient, kind, professional, and extremely informative. I HIGHLY recommend this package for any small farm, especially for folks new to the business like myself. After one cut, I have enough hay for (at least) 6 months, and the mini-round bale size and weight allowed me to load and unload in minimum time with only the help of my two boys (6 y/o and 8 y/o).

Thank you!"

Testimonial by Dan from Pagosa Springs, CO

"Hi Pat,
I don't know if you remember me. I'm Dan from Pagosa Springs, Colorado, and we bought three "implements" from you six or seven years ago. I almost managed to tear the arm off our Galfre 130C hay mower conditioner yesterday due to one of several reasons. I'm a little bit handier these days, and though it will delay me an afternoon or so, I had several ideas and options at hand.
But the thing that was such a positive was my conversation with Jason this morning. I can't remember ever speaking to anyone in a "help", "trouble shooting" or "service department" anywhere who ever came anywhere near to having his knowledge, his ability to share it, his ability to listen, or his overall clarity throughout our conversation. And he was positive and very encouraging the whole time.
Pat, he is a golden employee for you. I told him to tell you that and he said that he never liked to brag. His attitude shone a bright light on a pretty crumby situation that I found myself in, and as of now, the arm and "tube" are being welded and will be ready tomorrow. So I needed to tell you something that you probably already know, that Jason is remarkable. All here is fine, or getting that way. Take care.
Thanks again!"

Testimonial by Dave from Danvers, MN

At Tractor Tools Direct we love hearing about our customers’ successes. Two years ago, Dave, located in MN, purchased a hay package from us containing an Ibex TX31 mini round baler, a belt rake, and a compact drum mower. Like so many of our customers, he wanted to bring haying independence to his small farm so that he would no longer be at the mercy of the farmer down the road who previously baled his fields. Having control of his own hay baling gives Dave more control over the quality of the hay he produces. Read on to hear more about Dave’s experiences:



Featured Customer: Ron Klein - Windshadow Farm and Dairy

“Featured Customer” Ron Klein lives in southwest Michigan and operates Windshadow Farm and Dairy LLC, a Grade A pasture-based dairy goat operation. For him, the production of excellent forage is of utmost necessity. As he states here, “Our goats provide high-quality milk for the crafting of exquisite artisan cheese. Quality cheese requires quality milk; quality milk requires quality health and quality feed”. To help him meet the forage needs of his farm, Ron looked to us here at Tractor Tools Direct.



Featured Customer: The nuns of the Holy Annunciation Monastery in Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania

Our “Featured Customer” is actually a group of customers–the nuns of the Holy Annunciation Monastery in Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania. While dedicated to a life of prayer, these nuns also operate the Carmelites’ Mini Corral where they raise award winning lines of miniature horses. They purchased a drum mower from us last year and Mother Marija had this to say about it: “Just a line to say the mower IS WONDERFUL- and so are my nuns! We have a garage filled with homemade bales, a gazebo full of cut grass for immediate fodder for 52 animals–our Jersey cow gives a gallon more milk with grass–and we have 5 more days of work on other pastures.”



Testimonial by Todd

Todd, one of our customers, recently sent in these photos of his family in the hay field. So far he has purchased a drum mower, a Molon 180 belt rake and an Abbriata m60 mini square baler. He had this to say about his recent haying experience: “All the equipment worked well, and my wife noted again that the Molon rake is the best farm implement we ever purchased.” Thanks, Todd! TTD was happy to help!

Testimonial by Kevin from Ridgway, CO

“The baler worked great. Two cuttings of sweet Uncompahgre Plateau pasture grass this year, on two acres. Combo of Tall Fescue, Royal Orchard, Rye, and Alfalfa. 5000# total.

Thank you for all your support. I appreciate all your ‘can-do’ attitude from your staff. But, what would you expect from solid mid-westerners?! Happy trails.”


Testimonial by Daniel from Mitchellville, MD

"Received my TX52 today, installed, and what a beast! 4-5 ft weeds and trees, no problem, can I say bad a$$!"

Testimonial by Caroline from Piqua, OH

“Producing hay involves more than meets the eye – from managing soil, seeding, and weed control to judging stand density and weather forecasts. But at least one big variable is eliminated when you own your equipment: depending on other peoples’ schedules.

Mini round bales have several advantages. 35 lbs as opposed to 50+ lbs for small square bales greatly eases handling; storage can be easier depending on your setup. For floor level storage, if you have pallet forks on your tractor, up to 12 bales per trip can be transported directly from field to barn, no hay wagon or help required – though of course if you have the luxury of help, it increases efficiency! How beautiful it is to simply drop the pallet and roll them into place! Either horizontal or vertical arrangements work fine.

For a one person farm operation like mine, this equipment is one of the best investments I’ve made.”

Testimonial by Michael from Aurelia. IA

“I bought the Subcompact Economy Hay Package which is the TX31 twine baler, 2 wheel rake, and TS53 drum mower (I upgraded on the mower) in 2020. After 4 seasons all are working well, and I look forward to using them in 2024. We bale 5 acres of grass mixed with alfalfa. The baler is really gentle on the alfalfa with minimal leaf loss.

My wife and kids like the size of the bales because they are smaller and easy for them to manage. The neighbor's wife enjoys them too for the same reason, and that keeps her buying more bales from me.
I'm glad I made the move to baling my own hay.”