Ibex TS100 Belt Rake

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Product Overview

The Ibex TS100 Belt Rake is the industry standard rake for those wanting to bale hay with a compact tractor. Its raking width is adjustable from 7 to 8 1/2 feet. Though it is capable of high-production raking it is still small and lightweight enough to be operated by small compact tractors.


Ibex belt rakes offer better raking quality in a simple, durable machine. Their compact, low profile design means you can rake in places that used to be considered too confined for conventional tractor-driven rakes. Since they are designed to work directly behind the tractor and are sized at a nominal width of 7 to 8 ½ feet, if your tractor will fit, so will your rake.

It is the only rake that easily converts to a tedder to spread hay – in less than 30 seconds and without tools. Any size tractor with a PTO and 3-point hitch can operate Ibex rakes. They require very little power and are lightweight enough to be easily lifted by even the smallest compact and subcompact tractors. Their light weight also makes them safer to operate on steep slopes.

The design of the Ibex rake is simple, meaning it is easy to use, trouble free, and very low-maintenance. There is no gearbox, and all bearings are sealed for long life. Tubular steel construction is strong and durable. Because it is lighter weight and closer to the tractor than other rake designs, it is also safer to use with small tractors and on sloping ground.

Its light weight and compactness make it easy to disconnect, move, and store when not in use. The solid wheel for parking the machine even allows you to roll the rake by hand, meaning it can be moved to a corner of the barn out of the way of other operations.

Using the rake is also easy, even for beginners. Connection is a breeze, and once connected, raking height is quickly changed with the adjusting levers on the pneumatic wheels. The width of the windrow is adjustable, so it’s easy to match your windrow size to your baler. If you need to spread your hay, switching operations is as simple as removing the hay stop.

Adjustable raking height means you never end up with dirt in your windrow, meaning better quality hay for your animals and cleaner straw for your pine bales. And the raking action creates a windrow that is light and fluffy, never roped like some other designs. That means final drying of hay can happen in the windrow, allowing you to bale sooner.

Tractor Tools Direct is proud to be partnering with Da Ros Green of Italy to bring you this high quality, affordable machine. Da Ros has been a trusted name in hay equipment manufacturing since the 1950s.


PTO shaft included. For cutting instructions, click here.


Model TS100 Belt Rake

Windrow Width


Transport Width

7 ft 6 in (90 in)

Working Width, Raking

8 ft 6 in (102 in)

Working Width, Spreading

7 ft (84 in)


430 lbs

No. of Double Teeth

3 per Row

Min. Tractor Engine Power

20 HP

Tractor Hitch

Category 1, 3-Point


540 RPM

Minimum Tractor Weight

2000 lbs


Crate Dimensions







Machine Weight

430 lbs

Ship Weight

670 lbs

Delivery Type Continental US

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Freight (Free Lift Gate Service)

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Machine requires assembly.

Tractor Compatibility

Slightly larger than the subcompact series, these implements will increase productivity while still working on smaller compact tractors.


  • TYM TM234
  • Kubota B Series
  • John Deere 2 Family

*These are some examples of tractors. For implement compatibility check the product specifications. Call us to ensure that your tractor is a perfect fit:


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