Ibex TX52 Flail Mower

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Expected arrival: Summer 2022

Product Overview

The 4’-4” working width of this flail mower is narrow enough for tight spaces, but the Ibex TX52 Flail Mower is still built to commercial duty standards. We're proud to offer an exclusive line of commercial grade flail mowers for compact tractors. A flail mower is a superior implement for tough jobs like brush and pasture mowing. And flail mowers evenly distribute clippings, without clumps that kill the grass underneath. We’ve teamed up with Del Morino of Italy to provide a compact flail mower with features not found in the light-duty bargain brands.


The Ibex TX52 Flail Mower, suitable for tractors ranging from 20 to 40 HP, is an ideal machine for maintaining field edges, trails, pastures, and clearing overgrown areas and brush. With a working width of 52″, it is a good size for subcompacts and older compact diesels.

If you need a flail mower, chances are you will want a heavy-duty flail mower, something tough enough to stand up to difficult conditions. While other manufacturers only offer light-duty machines for compact tractors, our mower features heavy-gauge steel, large, thick blades, and 3 belts in the drive system.

Other features of the Ibex TX52 Flail Mower include:

  • Parking stand keeps the flail mower in the proper position for unmounting and mounting.
  • Adjustable anti-scalp shoes protect blades and turf.
  • Rear roller sets cutting height and leaves behind an attractive stripe pattern on lawns
  • 3 attachment points on the lower pins of the 3 point hitch allow mounting on multiple sizes of Category 1 tractors and also allow offsetting the flail mower to the left or right.
  • Reversible mounting capability allows the flail mower to operate while driving in reverse, allowing material to be cut before it is run over by the tractor. This can be an especially handy feature when mowing down tough brush like multiflora rose and bush honeysuckle.

PTO shaft included. For cutting instructions, click here.


Model TX52 Flail Mower

Cutting Width


Cutting Height, Variable*

1.06", 1.65", 1.85"

Tractor Mount


Number of Belts


Number of Blades


PTO Speed



540 lbs

Minimum Tractor Power

20 HP


Category 1

Minimum Tractor Weight

1500 lbs

Maximum Tractor Width (in.)


Gearbox Oil Type

85W140 EP Gear Oil

* The cutting height depends not only on the position of the roller but also on the inclination of the mower, which is controlled by the top link. The cutting heights listed in this table are measured when the mower is parallel to the ground.


Crate Dimensions







Machine Weight

540 lbs

Ship Weight

664 lbs

Delivery Type Continental US

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Tractor Compatibility

Ideally suited to subcompact tractors and older greymarket tractors from Kubota, Yanmar, and etc...


  • TYM T254
  • Kubota BX Series
  • John Deere 1 Family

*These are some examples of tractors. For implement compatibility check the product specifications. Call us to ensure that your tractor is a perfect fit:


(260)225-3429. We're here to help!


Two year manufacturer's warranty

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