Ibex TM67C Drum Mower with Conditioner

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Tractor Compatibility:
Engine Power 40+ HP
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Product Overview

Galfre’s line of large drum mowers are designed for maximum production rates with minimum down time. The robust design will give you years of trouble-free service, and easy setup and fast cutting speeds will get you in and out of the field in a minimum of time and without hassle.


Galfre’s line of large drum mowers is designed for hay producers who want higher production rates and fewer problems in the field. With these machines you get high speed cutting and conditioning all in one machine, and with very few moving parts.

The design of a drum mower is mechanically much simpler than sickle bars, disc mowers, discbines, and haybines. For nearly all applications, it is a superior design that cuts faster with fewer problems. The drum mower design, which has been very prominent in Europe for decades, is finally gaining popularity here in the US, and rightly so.

In the past, the only drawback of drum mowers was that they will windrow the cut crop into a tight pile that does not dry well. If you can imagine the cut grass stacked like a row of fallen dominoes, you have the idea of how conventional drum mowers windrow hay. This tight windrow cannot be directly baled because the underside will never dry. It needs to be spread out with a tedder to dry, and then raked into windrows.

Galfre solved this problem with the introduction of their patent-pending Black Hole conditioning system. A series of teeth have been added to the neck of the cutter drum. These teeth provide a flailing action that breaks stems and ejects the hay out the back of the mower, spreading and fluffing it in the process. The result is a faster drydown time that rivals complicated and expensive haybines and discbines. The Black hole system has no moving parts.

A drum mower has only two large counter-rotating drums. These drums create a great deal of inertia, helping you to power through the thickest hay conditions. The drums are powered from above by a simple gearbox, not with multiple small gears from below like a disc mower. A simple breakaway system ensures that if you accidentally hit an unmovable object, the mower will swing rearward, avoiding damage. Simply back up to reset and you can continue mowing.

These drum mowers use only 4 inexpensive, reversible blades per drum. They can be easily sharpened or simply replaced when dull. Replacing a blade takes only a few seconds. The only tool needed is stored right on the mower, so it is always with you. No bolts, no time consuming adjustments. Just change and go.

Galfre has added other innovations to the drum mower design as well. While other manufacturers continue to use belts between the main PTO and the drum gearbox, Galfre mowers use a durable shaft-driven system. Shaft drive means no belts to come off, slip, or break at the most inconvenient times. Galfre also supports the main drum gearbox centrally, so that weight is evenly distributed between the two drums, instead of supporting on the end like other brands. Central support is easier to adjust and the drums better follow ground contours, leading to a better cut.

Galfre has been in the agricultural equipment business for over 60 years. Their drum mowers have been in service in the US since the 70’s, with many of those original units still in use today.   They have a proven design that has demonstrated its durability through years of use in the toughest conditions. Galfre’s manufacturing facilities use state of the art robotic welding and CNC machining for maximum accuracy and repeatability. Every drum is factory tested to be dynamically balanced, reducing vibration and prolonging machine life.   When you buy Galfre hay equipment, you can count on a quality machine that will give you many years of trouble-free use.

PTO shaft included. For cutting instructions, click here.


Model TM67C Drum Mower

Cutting Width

5 ft 7 in (67 in)

Folding for Transport



1250 lbs

No. of Blades

8 (4 per drum)

No. of Drums


Mowing Capacity (acres)

6 per Hour

Break Away Protection


Min. Tractor Engine Power

40 HP

Tractor Hitch

Category 1 or 2, 3-Point


540 RPM

Min. Tractor Width

5 ft (60 in)

Max. Tractor Width

7 ft (84 in)

Min. Tractor Weight

3500 lbs

Gearbox Oil Type

80W90 EP Gear Oil

Cutting Height without Lift Kit Lift Kit Adds: Max Height with Lift Kit:

Low = 2"

High = 2.5"



*Cutting heights are approximate and can vary based on ground conditions as well as point of measurement.


Crate Dimensions







Machine Weight

1250 lbs

Ship Weight

1375 lbs

Delivery Type Continental US

Pickup from Warehouse


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Tractor Compatibility

Great for the larger compact utility tractors, these implements still only require modest horsepower.


  • TYM TM354
  • Kubota L Series
  • John Deere 3 Family

*These are some examples of tractors. For implement compatibility check the product specifications. Call us to ensure that your tractor is a perfect fit:


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