Ibex TM150 4 Wheel Rake

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Product Overview

Wheel rakes are the most economical choice for raking hay. With few moving parts they are mechanically simple and require very modest horsepower.


The Ibex line of crop-driven wheel rakes are designed to provide gentle, cost-effective solution for your hay raking needs.

Wheel rakes are a simple and economical alternative to powered rakes on your small tractor. There are no requirements for a PTO or hydraulics on your tractor. The rake is driven by contact with the crop being raked and the forward motion of your tractor.

* Note: Actual wheel color will be black.


  • Easily switches from raking mode to windrow turning to spreading
  • Wheels float on a pivot arm to follow ground contour
  • Wheels are crop-driven with no PTO shafts, belts, or hydraulic motors to wear out
  • Operates at speeds up to 14 MPH
  • 40 steel spring fingers per wheel provide a clean raking job


Model Ibex TM150 4 Wheel Rake

Diameter of Wheels


Number of Fingers per Wheel


Working Width

12 ft 6 in (150 in)


Category 1, 3-Point Hitch


400 lbs


Crop Driven

Windrow Width


Grease Fittings


Minimum Tractor Weight

2500 lbs


Are these an appropriate rake for a mini round baler?

You can use this rake alongside our TX31 mini round balers, as long as you keep in mind that with a very thick hay crop it can make a windrow that is too large. If you are raking a particularly heavy crop, you can adjust the angle of the rake steeper so that it will make a smaller, more appropriately sized windrow.

How does it ship and does it come assembled?

These wheel rakes are shipped via LTL freight with liftgate service and come secured on a custom built wooden pallet and require some assembly. They come with assembly instructions and our support team is just a phone call or email away to help with any questions you may have.

How much maintenance is required?

Check the grease fittings, grease if needed, and check tines for damage and you will be good to go for years to come!

How does the warranty work?

All Ibex implements come with a two year defective parts replacement warranty. You can find full warranty details here.

Do you have parts on hand if needed?

We stock a wide variety of parts right here in our Indiana warehouse! Some of our parts are available for purchase directly on our website and you can always give us a call for assistance. We are happy to help get you what you need quickly. We offer expedited shipping as well, for those times you need a part as soon as possible.

How does the rake work if I don’t connect it to the tractor’s PTO?

The wheels of this rake contact the ground and forward motion causes them to rotate and move the hay over into a windrow.

Does it have an overload protection system?

Wheel rakes are extremely forgiving and don’t need any protection system as they are ground-driven and are operated by the forward momentum of the tractor. Proper operation and travel speeds are key to the longevity of this implement.

Will I need a tedder too or will it work as a tedder in a pinch?

Wheel rakes are best in dryer climates or if used in conjunction with a drum mower with a conditioning system. The conditioning system will fluff the hay right when it’s cut, which will help to dry the hay faster before it is put into a windrow. If you have very wet conditions or do not have a conditioning system on your mower and there is moisture trapped inside the windrow, you can turn the windrow over to expose trapped moisture by riding over the windrow again.

If the rake’s wheels contact the ground, does this mean it will tear up my field?

Although these rakes do contact the ground, their wheels will rotate with ground contact and forward momentum as long as the bearings are in good shape and properly lubricated. In addition, the rake itself is very light, and the tines of the wheels are made from spring steel, which means there will be very little resistance with the ground.

Does it make clean hay?

Wheel rakes produce more of a roped windrow unlike the fluffy windrow produced by a belt rake. Since they are ground-driven, they are not likely to leave any hay behind. They will pick up some dust and dirt, but much of the dirt will fall out while the hay is being tumbled inside the baler during the baling step. When deciding when the hay is ready to bale, you will want to keep in mind that the windrows are tighter and somewhat more likely to trap moisture.



Crate Dimensions







Machine Weight

400 lbs

Ship Weight

550 lbs

Delivery Type Continental US

Pickup from Warehouse


Freight (Free Lift Gate Service)

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Machine requires assembly.

Tractor Compatibility

Slightly larger than the subcompact series, these implements will increase productivity while still working on smaller compact tractors.


  • TYM TM234
  • Kubota B Series
  • John Deere 2 Family

*These are some examples of tractors. For implement compatibility check the product specifications. Call us to ensure that your tractor is a perfect fit:


(260)225-3429. We're here to help!


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