The Ibex Mini Round Baler: A Fresh Take on an Old Idea

The Ibex Mini Round Baler: A Fresh Take on an Old Idea

When the Allis Chalmers Roto-Baler was first mass produced in 1947 it brought an innovative alternative to square baling of forage crops. While it produced a good bale it was a complicated machine with 2 sets of compression belts to form the bale. The machine was also quite large.

The Ibex TX31 Mini Round Baler produces the same type of round “rolled” bales that have all the same advantages over square bales in a smaller, simpler machine. The TX31 occupies only a small fraction of the space of the old Roto-Baler. The working principle is also much simpler requiring less maintenance because there are no flat belts to form the bale. The Ibex TX31 uses steel rollers that are chain driven to roll the hay or straw into a tight bale.

The perfect combination of compact and commercial-duty, Ibex Mini Round Balers are at home on any small farm or pine plantation seeking to optimize its production. Their small size and low weight allow them to be run with even the smallest of tractors. Furthermore, Ibex balers allow you to bale in tighter spaces and on steep slopes. Also, the round bale produced is much more weather resistant, meaning a surprise rain shower won’t ruin your bales in the field. Adding net wrap gives you even better weather resistance, and also reduces losses from handling.

A common query with mini round bales is how to stack them. Round bales can be efficiently stacked much like firewood with each bale nestling between the two bales beneath it. The key is to have end supports so the bottom row of bales is locked in place. The resulting stack will thus resemble a honeycomb pattern with any space between the bales providing air circulation to further dry the hay and keep it dry. If carefully stacked, the bales should even be tight enough to walk on. Click this link for more information.

Ibex TX31 balers are available in two models–twine and net–and can be customized to the needs of an individual farm or pine plantation through optional attachments such as a drawbar and/or wireless push button tailgate. Other standard options include completely self-contained hydraulics and an automatic bale counter. To determine which model will best suit the needs of your farm or pine plantation visit our website at or give us a call at 260-BALE-HAY today. 

Aug 1st 2022 Marti Goodwin

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