Sunbelt Expo Was a Huge Success!

Posted by Marti Goodwin on Oct 25th 2017

Sunbelt Expo Was a Huge Success!

Sunbelt Ag Expo

Pat, our founder and president, and Tommy, our sales manager, spent October 17th-19th at the Sunbelt Expo in Moultrie, GA showcasing our TXP33 pine straw baler. Many of you may already be familiar with our line of Abbriata mini round balers as they relate to hay production, but in the southeastern US pine straw producers find them very useful for improving the efficiency of pine straw baling. Pine straw is a very popular landscaping mulch which is a wise use of resources considering how plentiful pine trees are in the region.

Pat and Tommy talked with many of our past customers and met many new potential customers. They enjoyed educating visitors on the uses of our equipment but equally enjoyed learning more about the pine straw industry from seasoned pine straw producers. One such producer claimed that our equipment had saved his business by allowing him to increase his production rate to better keep up with demand. Before, he had been baling by hand as were many of the producers Pat and Tommy spoke with at the Expo. Furthermore, he said that many landscapers prefer the round bales our baler produces to the standard square bales because they are much easier to roll out and spread which is especially helpful in large landscaping beds.

One of the highlights of the entire experience for Pat and Tommy was receiving a hand delivery of homemade cookies from the daughter of one of our past customers. She wanted to thank us for all the support our team had given her family in starting their own hay production. It’s always nice to hear back from satisfied customers! Hopefully we will be seeing many more at future expos and farm shows.