Introducing the Ai2 Original 3-Pin Quick Attach For Kubota BX Tractors

Introducing the Ai2 Original 3-Pin Quick Attach For Kubota BX Tractors

Are you a Kubota BX owner who's looking to expand the capabilities of your front loader! Then look no further! Tractor Tools Direct now carries Ai2 Kubota BX products including the Ai2 Original 3-pin Quick Attach. This attachment is the industry standard for a simple, strong, lightweight solution for getting the most out of your compact tractor!

The Ai2 Products Kubota BX Attachments 3-Pin Quick Attach was designed specifically for the Kubota BX tractor. Ai2 Products came out with the original Kubota BX Quick Attach in 2007, and through multiple iterations, it continues to be the best solution for those wanting to make better use of their BX’s front loader. The use of the stock 3-Pin bucket system means you can still use your original bucket without modification. The Ai2 design minimizes weight and physical size, meaning you maintain more of your loader capacity than with other solutions, even compared to Kubota’s newer 80 Series quick hitch system.

This quick attach uses our signature round tube design, which maximizes strength and rigidity while minimizing weight. The lock pins are cut from a single piece of ⅜” plate, providing maximum surface area in contact with the attachment’s pins. When removing the lock pins and D-clips to switch attachments, they can be conveniently stored on board in a slot and hole right behind the attachment point. The loader pivot points also integrate a rollback stop and a forward stop just like the factory Kubota BX bucket to help prevent cylinder damage in either direction.

The entire Quick Attach is constructed of 3/16” A36 plate using the tab and slot design which interlocks all of the parts, creating a lightweight yet very durable design for years of use and abuse. All of our Kubota BX attachments are blasted and powder coated using a Kubota orange color, and are manufactured right here in the USA!

This Kubota BX Attachments Quick Attach was the first product ever designed and manufactured by Ai2 and the one that put Ai2 onto the Kubota BX attachments map back in 2007. It’s one of the first must-have BX attachments you’ll want for your Kubota BX tractor!!

To learn more about this attachment–specifications, pricing, warranty–please visit our website or give us a call at 260-225-3429 today! 

Jun 1st 2024 Marti Goodwin

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