Haymaking Equipment for Sheep and Goat Owners

by / Wednesday, 01 August 2018 / Published in Tractor Tools Direct

Haymaking Equipment for Sheep and Goat Owners

Did you know that our team at Tractor Tools Direct can help sheep and goat farmers tailor a hay-making package to specifically fit the needs of a sheep or goat operation? With its compact size, our machinery, which can be run by tractors with as little as 25 HP, is easy to operate in the smaller pastures found on a smaller farm.

“Our compact hay equipment can be easily maneuvered through gates, around barns, and along fences.”

Since many sheep and goat farms’ pastures are divided into smaller paddocks for rotational grazing, having equipment that can navigate tighter spaces is a must. Our compact hay equipment can be easily maneuvered through gates, around barns, and along fences. This allows a sheep/goat farm to meet its maximum efficiency by bringing every available acre into forage production.

Furthermore, the smaller-sized, lighter-weight bales produced by our compact equipment are much easier to handle from field to barn to feeding. Add in the fact that these bales are the perfect size for stacking in a livestock trailer, and you extend the ease to the show circuit as well!

Tractor Tools Direct was founded by Pat Goodwin who, himself, managed a farm of sheep and goats. In his years doing so, he noticed a lack of equipment sized specifically for his small farm’s production needs. Pat had always preferred compact tractors for their improved maneuverability, fuel sipping characteristics, and of course, lower cost. Unfortunately, he had a lot of trouble finding good equipment for making hay with his small tractors. It seemed like most manufacturers and equipment dealers focused on big farm tractors and the equipment that fit them.

While researching for his own purchase, he discovered compact balers which are quite popular in countries with small-scale and hilly farmland. These “mini” balers could be operated with tractors as small as 16 horsepower, were exceptionally well engineered and built, and were affordable to boot. He liked them so much, he didn’t just buy one, he decided to start a business selling them to others.

Over the years Pat has not only built a successful business selling compact hay equipment but has also partnered with manufacturers world-wide to design Tractor Tools Direct’s own line of haying equipment known as Ibex. The Ibex line–including mowers, rakes, and mini-round balers–champions small-farm haying independence at a small-farm price.

Sometimes bigger just isn’t better. Let a member of the Tractor Tools Direct team help you design the perfect compact hay-baling package for your sheep or goat operation. Learn more on our website and give us a call today at 260-BALE-HAY!