Featured Customer: Ron Klein – Windshadow Farm and Dairy

by / Wednesday, 25 March 2015 / Published in Tractor Tools Direct

We at Tractor Tools Direct would like to take this opportunity to feature one of our customers.  We hope this will allow you to learn more about compact tractor equipment from others like you who are already out there using it for your small farms or landscaping businesses.

“Featured Customer” Ron Klein lives in southwest Michigan and operates Windshadow Farm and Dairy LLC, a Grade A pasture-based dairy goat operation. For him, the production of excellent forage is of utmost necessity. As he states here, “Our goats provide high-quality milk for the crafting of exquisite artisan cheese. Quality cheese requires quality milk; quality milk requires quality health and quality feed”. To help him meet the forage needs of his farm, Ron looked to us here at Tractor Tools Direct.

Just like most of our customers, Ron owns a compact tractor—L3130 Kubota with 31 hp. Tiring of his reliance on others, Ron wanted to increase his independence by being able to bale his own hay. He also knew he had the need for machinery that would be durable, reliable and maneuver well in tight spaces. After some research, he found Tractor Tools Direct. Ron states, “I contacted Pat, the founder and owner of Tractor Tools Direct, and talked about our situation and perceived needs. My conversations with Pat allayed my concerns about purchasing equipment from a dealer 250 miles away. He supplied me with specifications, technical manuals and the names of folks on farms similar to ours who are using the equipment. Tractor Tools Direct was easy to work with.”

Working with Pat to customize a hay package perfect for his farm’s needs, Ron purchased an Abbriata M50 mini round baler, rotary disc mower and a Molon 180 belt rake. The machinery was delivered directly to his farm by Pat this past October. Ron has this to say about the experience, “We unloaded, Pat ran through a detailed orientation–he was most thorough and patient–and he left. Before the dust from the departing truck and trailer settled, we looked at each other and realized, “this is it.” We had made hay before but not alone. That afternoon we mowed and the following two days we tedded, raked and baled. Suzanne and I–just us–were able to put up 8.3 tons of hay off of two acres between our morning and evening milking. And what fine hay it was.”

In conclusion, Ron says, “Having the correct equipment makes a difference in flexibility, budget and management of a small farming operation. And the equipment from Tractor Tools Direct–the disc mower, Molon Belt rake and the incredible Abbriata M50 mini round baler–makes it possible for us to do what we need to do.” Thanks Ron, and we are so glad we were able to help!!!

If you would like to learn more about Ron’s dairy goat operation please click here to visit their website: http://www.evergreenlanefarm.com/windshadow-farm-dairy/.