Meet Our Customers

  • Augusta Blueberries

    Augusta Blueberries

    Augusta Blueberries is a family owned operation in Wisconsin. The first acres of blueberries were planted in the fall of 2005. With much hard work, the blueberry patch increased to almost 6 acres and 11 varieties of HIghbush Cultivated Blueberries.

  • Broad Arrow Firewood

    Broad Arrow Firewood

    Broad Arrow Firewood produces firewood from forests sustainably managed by a licensed forester here in Central Massachusetts.

  • Golden Organics Ice Cream

    Golden Organics Ice Cream

    Golden Organics traces its roots back to 1937, in the midst of the Great Depression, when we perfected the art of feeding dairy cows GREEN GRASS as their only source of nutrition. Way back then our cows were GRAZING GRASS AND EATING HEALTHILY. Today the culinary buzz word is GRASS FED, so what’s old is new again. As a third generation ice cream maker with skills and recipes passed on from generation to generation, we are pleased to make for you this ORIGINAL old fashioned smooth artisanal GRASS FED ice cream, with a mission.

  • Gore Trailers

    Gore Trailers

    GORE Trailers is a family owned business located in Whiteville, North Carolina specializing in custom built livestock trailers.

  • Green Mountain Girls Farm

    Green Mountain Girls Farm

    Savoring local food and sharing our farm with you; Vermont is a special place and we are lucky to be at its center. Our farm is convenient, just 2 miles from I-89. The views, vernacular architecture, charisma of our animals, and inspiration of our gardens are rewarding. Our farm has a complex “bottom line”: healthy natural systems; thriving farmers; profitable enterprises; engaged community; and high quality products. Come be part of it!

  • Lamppost Farm

    Lamppost Farm

    Lamppost Farm exists to provide meaningful learning opportunities by engaging in purposeful and productive work, contagious relationships, and the celebration of “good ordinary food”.

  • Marion-Polk Food Share

    Marion-Polk Food Share

    Marion-Polk Food Share is the regional food bank leading the fight to end hunger in Marion and Polk counties (Oregon). More than 44,000 people, including 16,000 children, receive emergency food each month through the Food Share partner network.

  • Oso Libre Winery

    Oso Libre Winery

    Oso Libre Winery and Cattle Ranch practices sustainable farming techniques in the Adelaida region of Paso Robles, California.

  • Second Cloud On The Left Farm

    Second Cloud On The Left Farm

    Located on 27 acres of ridgetop in the heart of the Driftless Region of SW Wisconsin. We started farming in 2011 and enjoy being schooled by nature. As temporary ‘care takers’ of this small piece of land we dedicate ourselves to preserve biodiversity, restore soil health and feed our community.
    We are a motley crew, aged between mid forties and upper sixties and we are just getting started! It’s hard to believe that at this point in our lives that we have come together to simplify and do our part in stemming the tide of food globalization and corporate agriculture. We dedicate our efforts to our children and our community, to spread the importance of seed diversity, healthy soils and a strong local food economy.

  • Tree and Leaf Farm

    Tree and Leaf Farm

    Tree and Leaf Farm is a 50-acre farm cultivating 10 acres of vegetables, herbs and flowers located in Unionville Virginia. They practice sustainable farming using, ridge-till, no-till, and living mulch systems, focusing on pro-biotic soil dynamics through use of Effective Micro-organisms, composting, legume cover crops, crop rotation and companion planting, No pesticides, herbicides, fungicides are used. Tree and Leaf Farm is a four season farm attending farmers markets year round in Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia as well as wholesaling to restaurants and to a large CSA.

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