TX60 Sickle Bar Mower by Enorossi with Hydraulic Lift

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Product Overview

A sickle bar mower is the right choice for very small tractors, or when cutting along ditch banks or other uneven surfaces is needed. For these specialized purposes, a sickle bar is preferable over drum or disc mowers. Tractor Tools Direct offers the Enorossi line of small sickle bar mowers for even the smallest, lowest horsepower tractors.


A sickle bar mower is the right choice when you need a lightweight machine for your small tractor, or when you are mowing ditch banks and other irregular terrain. They excel at cutting at angles well above and below level. They can even cut in the vertical position, for trimming hedges!


  • Light weight of less than 500 pounds means they can be lifted easily by any tractor’s 3 point hitch
  • Ability to cut at angles well above and below level
  • Breakaway system protects machine in the event of collision with a solid object
  • Crop divider on end of cutter bar provides a clear cutting path on each pass through the field.


Model TX60 Sickle Bar Mower (Hydraulic )

Cutting Width


Number of Sections (Blades)




Minimum Tractor Engine Power

15 HP

Maximum Tractor Engine Power

30 HP

Tractor Hitch and PTO

Category 1, 540 RPM PTO

Cutting Speed

5 - 8 MPH


Delivery Type Continental US

Pickup from Warehouse


Farm/Residential with Lift Gate

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Machine ships packed for LTL freight and requires assembly.

Assembly Cost

Due to reduced staffing and required social distancing, we are not offering assembly of machines at this time. As always, we do provide written assembly instructions and help over the phone as needed.


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