Words from the Field

Friday, 31 August 2018 by

Words from the Field Last month in our blog “Haymaking Equipment for Sheep and Goat Owners” we discussed the ways our compact hay equipment, especially our mini-round balers, can increase the efficiency and productivity of sheep and goat farms. This month, we would like to share the first-hand account of one of our customers, Ron

You can bale when your pasture is at its nutritional peak—not when the farmer down the road gets around to it. Do you operate a small farm? Do you own a little livestock and a few acres of hay pasture? Are you tired of waiting until the farmer down the road gets around to baling

“Why not just buy a square baler?” This is often an inquiry we receive here at Tractor Tools Direct when marketing our Ibex and Abbriata mini round balers. While we concede that there are some situations when a square baler is more appropriate, there are several reasons why a mini round baler is the perfect