TX63 3-Point Forklift by CM

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A tractor-mounted forklift is a perfect solution for those who need more lifting capacity than their front loader offers, but don’t want to purchase a standalone forklift.


This item is shipped directly from the factory in Italy. Call Tom at 260-225-3429 to special order this product. Additional charges related to international shipping will apply.

The Duplex line of compact hydraulic forklifts from CM is ideal for compact tractor owners who want a high-capacity, versatile lifting machine. Tractors have greater lifting capacity and increased strength at the back in comparison to the front of the tractor. That means heavier loads can be lifted more safely than with a front loader, and with less chance of damage to the tractor. Also, when hauling large items like big round bales, visibility is not compromised in transit.


  • Rolled C-channel grade ST 52.3 steel mast for maximum strength and durability.
  • Light weight and quality construction allow a greater maximum load capacity.
  • Forks are easily folded up and secured in vertical position for compact transportation and storage.
  • Retractable stand allows for convenient vertical storage.
  • Locking pins ensure forks stay in place during use.
  • Option to use hydraulic top link cylinder for tilt function.


  • Transporting logs, brush, hay bales and other heavy objects in the field.
  • Unloading beehives and moving them out into the field.
  • Transporting implements, engine blocks, feed barrels, or other heavy items using chains or straps.
  • Raising equipment with straps or chains to do repair work with easier access.
  • Moving any palletized material.

This machine requires one set of hydraulic ports to operate. It comes standard with 1/2” quick couplers, and an extension kit is available for utilizing your tractor’s loader hydraulics. Ships fully assembled on a pallet.

About CM: In 1974, in Romagna, Italy, a group of businessmen decided to pool their skills and experience to improve the quality of implements available in the agricultural sector. Thus the creation of CM, a manufacturer of hydraulic forklifts for farm tractors. In the 1980’s the company expanded the business into the industrial sector. Today CM is a supplier of a vast range of forklifts, tippers and buckets, accessories and interchangeable equipment for farm tractors and lift trucks, some designed and built according to the needs and technical specifications of individual customers.


CMax. lift height63”78.5”

Model TX63 TS79
H Max. Height 55” 71”
L Mast width 23.5” 25.5”
T Ground clearance 8” 8”
E Fork spread 24” 19.5 – 24”
D Load center of gravity 16” 16”
Q Max. capacity 1102 lbs. 1984 lbs.
Machine Weight 273 .lbs 529 .lbs
Hitch 3-Point, Category 1 3-Point, Category 1

This item is shipped directly from the factory in Italy. Call Tom at 260-225-3429 to special order this product. Additional charges for international freight and customs clearance will apply. Import duties & taxes may also apply.

There is no assembly charge for this item.


Ideally suited to subcompact tractors and older greymarket tractors from Kubota, Yanmar, etc.

  • TYM T254
  • Kubota BX series
  • John Deere 1 family

* These are some examples of tractors. For implement compatibility check the product specifications. Call us to ensure that your tractor is a perfect fit: (260)225-3429. We're here to help!

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