TM28 PTO Powered Log Splitter with 4-Way Wedge

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Finally, a log splitter that doesn’t require hydraulics from the tractor AND doesn’t need its own engine. Just hook this log splitter up to your tractor’s PTO and 3 point hitch and you are ready to go. Simple to connect and use, it’s a perfect fit for compact tractor owners.


This item is shipped directly from the factory in Italy. Call Tom at 260-225-3429 to special order this product. Additional charges related to international shipping will apply.

We looked long and hard for a log splitter that would work for our customers who don’t have hydraulics on their tractors, and don’t want another engine to maintain. Let’s face it, you’ve already got the tractor with a PTO, why not put it to work splitting logs?

We went to Italy and found Bell, a company that has been producing hydraulic log splitters for over 30 years. They have produced for us a log splitter that can be run with the tractor’s PTO, is compact, and can be adjusted to 4 different positions from vertical to horizontal, so there’s always a comfortable position for your work.

This is a heavy-duty, quality crafted machine that will give you years of trouble-free service. It will be ready to work when you are – no engine tune-ups, fuel refilling, or time consuming and messy connections. Just hook it up, pick it up, and take it to your log pile. When you’re done with it, it can be easily rolled into a corner of the barn for storage.

This splitter has a true rating of 20,000 pounds, meaning that our log splitter produces that much force regardless of the tractor it is mounted to. Other companies will provide a maximum force, which is dependant on being mounted to a large tractor, and that tractor having a hydraulic system that can actually provide the maximum pressure to the cylinder, which most tractors cannot. Since our model is PTO powered, it has its own optimized hydraulic system, so as long as your tractor can produce at least 15 hp at the PTO, you will actually achieve the rated force.

As you compare, make sure you ask what the rated system hydraulic pressure is, and what horsepower is needed to produce that pressure. Also ask about the ram speed, as some companies will try to boost their tonnage rating at the expense of ram speed. As you can see from our video, the ram speed on our unit will help you get the job done faster.

Model TM28 PTO Powered Log Splitter
Manufacturer Model VS K9 GC
No. of Working Positions 4
Machine Length 34”
Machine Width 41”
Machine Height 70”
Machine Weight 403 lbs
Max. Log Length 28″
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 3.2 gal
Hitch 3-Point, Cat 1
Power Supply PTO
PTO HP Required Any

This item is shipped directly from the factory in Italy. Call Tom at 260-225-3429 to special order this product. Additional charges for international freight and customs clearance will apply. Import duties & taxes may also apply.

There is no assembly charge for this item.

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