Premium Poly Twine for Hand Baling – 9,000′

Tractor Tools Direct is proud to offer this high-quality polypropylene twine for hand baling. (Pine Straw use only)

  • Single Roll $37.00/roll
  • Pack of 4 $144.00 – $36.00/roll
  • Pack of 8 $280.00 – $35.00/roll
  • Pack of 20 $640.80 – $32.00/roll
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Shipping is FREE for all quantities.

From: $37.00


This twine has been specifically designed for the pine straw industry. It is a great solution for hand baling pine straw. The larger 9000′ of twine all within one roll will provide less waste at the end of the day and will help provide an increase in labor efficiency. The dense, twisted fibers of this twine resist rot, abrasion, oil, and grease, and will keep your pine straw in place during transport and storage. The attractive color of the twine looks nice next to pine straw, which is important for those who plan to sell their product to the end consumer. This twine is individually wrapped, which means that you can use one roll and store the other one without worrying about it unraveling on you.


  • Made from high-quality polypropylene fibers
  • UV Stabilized
  • Individually-wrapped rolls – no problems with second roll unraveling
Tensile Strength 130 lb.
Type poly
Roll Height 9.5″
Roll Diameter 10″
Twine Length 9,000′
Roll Weight 13 lbs.