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The Antonio Carraro TTR 4400 tractor is a commercial-duty, versatile, REVERSIBLE tractor that is at home on the farm or golf course, on a college campus or a steep hillside, or anywhere else you need power combined with light weight and agility. Available in many configurations to meet the needs of multiple environments, you may find that one Carraro replaces several machines in your current equipment inventory.

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Simply put: The finest compact tractor made.

Antonio Carraro TTR 4400 Tractors, from

The oscillating chassis gives the user unmatched traction, safety, and driving comfort.

The TTR 4400 HST tractor is hydrostatic, reversible and multifunctional. The machine-attachment combination can be set up in multiple configurations, performing a whole range of maintenance operations: maintaining parks, cleaning pedestrian walkways, cutting grass on road embankments, maintaining sports fields and golf courses, moving earth and digging in nurseries and on construction sites, and clearing snow, to name a few.

As a farm utility tractor, it is unmatched. In the reverse position, it makes a superior all-terrain forklift. In the field, it is a fuel sipping tractor, for raking hay or pulling a wagon. It is much safer and more efficient for maintaining stream banks and field edges. This tractor is simple and safe to use; powerful, multifunctional, and as you will find, an enjoyable alternative to the conventional utility tractor.

Thanks to the special chassis with oscillation, the TTR 4400 HST is able to achieve extremely narrow steering angles due to the fact that the engine and the front axle form just one single unit. As a result, with maximum steering and oscillation (up to 30°), the wheels never touch the body because they move with the entire engine end of the vehicle. The CV joints of the front wheels are articulated, which allows tighter angles without wheel locking and subsequent turf damage that entails.

Antonio Carraro TTR 4400 Tractors, from

A word from our founder:

“The first time I saw one of these tractors, I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. Here was a machine with 4 tires all the same size! The weight was distributed totally differently than a traditional tractor – the engine served as the counterweight for the three point lift. It was wide and low-slung, not tall and tippy like most tractors. The power was impressive for such a relatively small machine. And then I got blown away: You could reverse the seat and steering wheel and face the other direction!

Antonio Carraro TTR 4400 Tractors, from


This changed everything. I started to think about all the things I could do more easily with this tractor. All the places I could get to that a standard tractor couldn’t safely reach. All the ways it would do practically every farm chore and land maintenance activity better. And now that I own one, I have found they are even better than I expected. Truly a marvel of engineering and a blast to use.”

Pat Goodwin, President, Tractor Tools Direct, Inc.

Antonio Carraro TTR 4400
Chassis type oscillating chassis with front steering; 4 equal wheel drive; reversible operator’s station
Engine Yanmar TNV88
Cylinders 3
Output 38 HP
Engine RPM (max.) 3000 RPM
Cooling System water
Fuel tank capacity 7.7 gal
Transmisssion 3 range hydrostatic, foot controlled toe/heel forward and reverse; 0-4 mph in low range, 0-8 mph in normal range, 0-17 mph in high range; “cruise control” option for maintaining pre-set speed
PTO fully independent PTO with 2 speeds, 540 and 1000 rpm (clockwise)
Implement lift standard category 1, 3 point hitch
Lifting capacity 1870 lbs
Steering hydrostatic with “load sensing” system
Weight 2450 lbs
Standard equipment rotating operators station for immediate reversibility of driving position; front and rear differential lock; disengageable rear wheel drive; adjustable suspension seat; 2 sets of hydraulic ports with one set duplicated on front of tractor
Wheelbase 51.2″
Length 122″
Height 78.2″-80.3″
Tires 7.5-16 29 x 12.5 -15 turf 29 x 12.5 -15 lug 26.5 x 14.5 -12 special turf
Minimum width 46″ 54″ 54″ 59″
Ground clearance 10.8″ 10″ 10″ 8.7″

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