Scratch & Dent - Ibex TX31 Mini Round Baler with Twine Wrap

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  • Scratch & Dent - Ibex TX31 Mini Round Baler with Twine Wrap
  • Scratch & Dent - Ibex TX31 Mini Round Baler with Twine Wrap
  • Scratch & Dent - Ibex TX31 Mini Round Baler with Twine Wrap
  • Ibex TX31 Mini Round Baler with twine wrap for hay and pine straw production.
  • Scratch & Dent - Ibex TX31 Mini Round Baler with Twine Wrap
  • Ibex TX31 Mini Round Baler with twine wrap for hay and pine straw production.
  • Ibex TX31 Mini Round Baler with twine wrap for hay and pine straw production.
  • Ibex TX31 Mini Round Baler with twine wrap for hay and pine straw production.
  • Ibex TX31 Mini Round Baler with twine wrap for hay and pine straw production.
  • Ibex TX31 Mini Round Baler with twine wrap for hay and pine straw production.


This baler has minor cosmetic-only shipping damage to the outer cover. The dent is far from any functional parts of the machine. The baler is brand new and comes with a full 2-year manufacturer's warranty.


You spoke and we listened. You wanted a baler at a more affordable price point – something that could take care of your small farm’s hay needs, but wouldn’t break the bank. While our Abbriata balers are built for commercial use, their price is out of reach for many customers. Finally, we found the Ibex baler – a quality machine at a lower price – the lowest price in the industry.

The Ibex TX31 mini round baler with TWINE is a machine that provides the simplest, easiest to use baler on the market today. This is as close as you can get to a “plug and play” baler. It connects to the tractor’s 3 point hitch, and its hydraulics are completely self-contained, meaning no messy hydraulic connections to deal with. It uses standard, inexpensive baler twine, either plastic or natural fiber. It can be easily run with tractors of less than 25 horsepower. And its small size means it can be easily stored in the corner of the barn or shed.

Finally, there is a baler for the rest of us – at the right size and the right price – to finally take control of our own hay production.

This baler is manufactured in China under the watchful eye of Ibex Equipment, a US based equipment company.

PTO shaft included. For cutting instructions, click here.


What size of bale does this baler make?

This baler produces a 20” x 28” bale that can be as light as 30lbs and as heavy as 60lbs. You can select four density settings to fine tune the bale weight. The bale size does not change based on the density setting.

What kind of twine does this baler use?

This baler comes with one roll of our signature hemp fiber twine which fits the baler perfectly. The baler works equally well with our recommended brand of 9,000/130 poly twine. You can find both of these offerings in our online shop, under the “Supplies” category. You may be able to find an equivalent product at your local farm store, but not all twines are made equal. Thinner twine (20,000/110, etc.) or thicker twine (7,200/170, etc.) will not work well.

Isn’t this the same as baler X? How is it different?

Ibex TX31 balers are not the same as others you may have seen. They are specially built to Ibex specifications and offer several premium features, like:

  • Easy-access doors with simple latches rather than loose, troublesome knobs that can easily be lost in the field
  • Heavy duty stand with a large caster wheel that makes moving the baler around the barn effortless
  • A bale counter that can be easily reset for each baling session
  • A built-in shear bolt storage tray for convenient shear bolt storage and quick replacement in the field
  • Replaceable bronze bushings in the tailgate hinge; without this component the frame will need to be specially repaired or the tailgate replaced after a certain amount of use

The TX31 also offers optional upgrade kits not available by others:

  • Drawbar kit - makes hookup easy, and allows you to turn corners without lifting the baler off the ground
  • Push button tailgate - dump your wrapped bale with the simple push of a button, rather than having to pull a rope

Will this bale my particular type of hay or other material?

The TX31 baler has no specific hard limitations on what you can bale with it, except that it is designed to bale hay and straw that is of an optimal length (2-4’ tall) and moisture content (no greater than 20% moisture). If your crop or material is very different from typical hay or straw, it may be difficult to bale. For example, if you are trying to bale leaves, it may be possible if the leaves are not too brittle or small. If you are trying to bale corn stalks, it may be possible if the individual pieces are not too long. The closer your material is to what the machine was designed for, the more likely you will achieve success!

How well do these bales stack?

Mini round bales stack very easily. You can stack vertically or horizontally like you would stack firewood. We have great pictures showing how some of our customers like to stack inside and outside of the barn in our blog.

Does the baler come assembled and ready to bale?

The baler ships with the wheels removed to facilitate shipping. You will need to install the wheels, prepare the twine mechanism for baling before use, and lubricate the machine. These steps are covered in the Quick Start Guide, which you will receive with the baler. Be sure to review it for some important startup tips. After that you should be ready to bale!

Are there any helpful videos or instructions?

YES! We offer quick tips and assembly guidance for the TX31 in the form of a Quick Start Guide as well as some helpful videos. We are also just a phone call away and always happy to help if you have any questions setting up your baler or when it’s time to go out to the field to use it, whether it’s the first time or 100th time!

Do I need the push button and/or drawbar kit?

It depends! Customers often choose the push button kit if they are using a cab tractor and/or prefer not pulling the rope to eject the bale. They’re also great for customers with more limited mobility or who benefit from an easier and smaller range of motion to eject bales.

The drawbar kits are best for those with smaller subcompact tractors that can’t physically lift the baler off the ground due to lower hydraulic lift capacities or limited weight in the tractor. It allows the baler and tractor to turn independently so that you can take tighter turns without lifting the baler from the ground, which avoids tearing up your field and/or ruining the tires. The drawbar can be installed and removed extremely quickly, so you can easily convert between drawbar and three point hitch hookup in a flash!

Does the baler require hydraulics in the tractor?

No, the TX31 has self-contained hydraulics! It uses a small hydraulic pump that is run by the rotation of the PTO. As long as the PTO is turning, you can operate the tailgate. No messy, pesky hoses or adapters to deal with!

Is this baler easy to maintain?

Preventative maintenance is crucial for any agricultural implement. These balers require minimal maintenance: chains must be regularly lubed, grease fittings must be greased, and the machine must be kept clean and out of the elements. Doing these things will give you prolonged longevity and smooth bailing each time and every year for years to come!

Can I flake feed my horses like I can with square bales?

Absolutely! If you are accustomed to flake feeding with square bales, it won’t take long to get used to feeding with mini round bales. They unroll like a paper towel roll, and you can simply unroll and tear off a flake just as you would peel one, two or three flakes from a square bale, depending on how hungry your animals are for that feeding.

Pine Straw Baling

Ibex Mini Round Balers are popular with pine straw operators too! The compact size and maneuverability of mini-round balers makes them a perfect choice for harvesting straw between the narrow tree rows of a pine plantation.

The features of Ibex Mini Round Balers that lend themselves to pine straw production are:

  • Both TWINE and NET WRAP options available.
  • Minimum HP for operation is 15 HP thus allowing the baler to be operated by compact tractors small enough to maneuver between tree rows.
  • Capable of baling up to 100 bales per hour (120 for net wrap model).
  • Adjustable bale density to meet customers' needs.
  • In-line baling position allows the baler to fit between tree rows.

Mini round balers increase efficiency of production and, as a result, increase earnings. Every producer should go through the calculations to see if switching from manual baling to a mini round baler makes economic sense for them. The situations vary for each producer. Here are some guidelines:

  • A mini round baler can average about 2 tons baled per hour, or 100-120 bales. This is the equivalent of about 270 square bales weighing 15 pounds each.
  • One laborer with a 25-horsepower tractor and a mini round baler can produce 900 bales, or 16 tons, of baled pine straw in an 8-hour day. That’s the equivalent of about 2100 square bales.
  • A mini round baler can bale as much as 25 humans baling by hand.

When choosing between twine and net wrap options, pine straw producers should consider the amount of handling and the final destination of their product. If bales are simply being produced for bulk delivery to construction or landscaping companies, the more affordable twine option may be acceptable. If bales will be marketed to retail stores where more handling and a neater appearance is required, net wrap will likely be the better option. Also important to consider is the fact that net wrap balers can produce more bales per hour than twine since fewer rotations of the bale in the bale chamber are required to wrap a bale with net.

Maybe most importantly, all parts for Ibex balers are in stock and ship from our Indiana warehouse. You can’t afford downtime, so we get your parts to you in a hurry!


Model TX31 Twine Baler

Overall Width

4 ft 9 in (57 in)

Overall Length

3 ft 9 in (45 in)

Overall Height

3 ft 11 in (47 in)


915 lbs

Tire Rim Size

8 in

Tractor Connection

Category 1, 3-Point


Variable; 540 RPM

Bale Wrapping

Twine Wrap


60 - 100 bales per hour

Bale Size (diameter x width)

20 in x 28 in

Bale Weight

30 to 60 lbs

Pickup Width

2 ft 7 in (31 in)

Min. Tractor Engine Power

15 HP

Minimum Tractor Weight

1500 lbs


Self-contained hydraulic system for operating tailgate


Horn operates by self-contained 9 volt battery

Tire Size

16 in x 6.5 in

Gearbox Oil Type

80W90 EP Gear Oil

Hydraulic Fluid

Standard Tractor Hydraulic Fluid in Hydraulic Reservoir


Crate Dimensions







Machine Weight

915 lbs

Ship Weight

1077 lbs

Delivery Type Continental US

Pickup from Warehouse


Freight (Free Lift Gate Service)

Place in cart to calculate shipping.

Machine requires assembly.

Tractor Compatibility

Ideally suited to subcompact tractors and older greymarket tractors from Kubota, Yanmar, and etc...


  • TYM T254
  • Kubota BX Series
  • John Deere 1 Family

*These are some examples of tractors. For implement compatibility check the product specifications. Call us to ensure that your tractor is a perfect fit:


(260)225-3429. We're here to help!

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