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by / Monday, 13 January 2014 / Published in Tractor Tools Direct

Well here we are.  It’s been months in development.  We started with a concept – give customers more information.  Better information.  Organize the information so they can easily find what they are looking for.  Make it easy for them to figure out what it will really cost them to get the equipment they want.  Get it to them without hassle.  And most importantly, get them in the field working with their new equipment without delay.

Looking back, Goodwin Concepts was a pretty good website.  We received many compliments from customers on the level of detail explaining products, the videos, and the pictures.  But I was never satisfied that we were serving the customers as well as we could.  Navigation wasn’t as intuitive as it could be, and some information was hard to find.  And ultimately, the customer would get to the point where he or she would have to call or email because of missing information.  Not all products had brochures.  Some had multiple pictures, some had only one.  And viewing the site on a smartphone was tedious at best.

We considered just adding more information to the old site, “beefing it up” to a status of marginally good enough.  But we realized we could do so much more with a brand new format, one that utilized the latest web technologies.  So we brought in McNichols and Lyman Marketing Group to help us create a new brand, one that could help us keep up with the times.  And we worked, and worked, and worked, to improve the information available on every single piece of equipment we sell.  We will keep working too, to keep the information fresh and to regularly add content that customers can really use.

We’ve set the bar pretty high for ourselves.  The guiding principle is this:  if it’s worth selling, it’s worth explaining to the customer in detail.  Give the customer the experience of standing in the showroom, talking to a knowledgeable salesperson, getting up close and personal with the piece of equipment.  In reality, it’s better than being in the showroom, because you can move at your own pace, never being rushed or subjected to high-pressure sales tactics.

We’ll still be happy to answer your call – talking to customers is one of the most satisfying parts of being in this business.  But we think you’ll find answers to most of your questions right here within these pages.  And if you’re ready to buy, you can go right ahead and place your order online.  If you can place it in the virtual shopping cart, it means we have it in stock and can ship it out to you immediately.  Most customers receive their equipment in less than a week.  No waiting, no hassles.  Just high-quality equipment delivered directly to you.  What could be better?

8 Responses to “Introducing… Tractor Tools Direct”

  1. Pat Martin says :

    Trattore strumenti diretti…Wow, che un concetto e una pagina web eccellente con servizio clienti eccellente!

  2. Chris Linell says :

    Congratulations Patric. Very nice web site and very enticing products .
    Well done! l Looking forward to doing business soon.

    Best, C. Linell

  3. Ruark says :

    Buona fortuna!

  4. Pat Goodwin says :


  5. chris stoner says :

    It was really nice meeting you, and hope to be doing business with you

  6. Pat Goodwin says :

    Thanks Chris, it was nice to meet you as well. Glad you found the equipment to be the right fit!

  7. Dave Hansen says :

    Nice website, I cut brush with my 30 hp tractor, sometimes I get into some real nasty stuff while I force the bush hog throu I know they make a really nice attachment for the bobcat type skid steer tractor I wish someone could build an affordable loader mounted clinderical turning cutter head that could be attached to one of our little work horses I really could clean up $$$ with such equipment on board.

  8. Pat Goodwin says :

    Thank you Dave. We are always looking to expand our product offerings for compact tractor owners. Keep an eye on the site this fall and winter for new implements.