Galfre Disc and Drum Mower Blades

We sell original German-made Rasspe disc mower and drum mower blades bearing the RADURA® brand. The trademark RADURA® is world famous for mower blades with a long service life and a clean cut. RADURA® blades are used by leading disc and drum mower manufacturers and are first choice in the replacement market worldwide.

A special cold rolling process for the cutting edges of the RADURA® blade results in a more durable edge and maintains a sharp edge longer than competitors. Cheap blades, typically made in China, Turkey, or of unknown origin, use a grinding process to form blade edges, weakening the steel and causing the blade to chip and wear prematurely. The RADURA® manufacturing process means that your blades last much longer and cut more acres.

These disc mower blades and drum mower blades are exact match superior quality replacement parts for OEM Galfre blades. The disc mower blades also fit Rhino and Bush Hog disc mowers.