Assessing Small Farm Equipment Needs With a new year approaching, it’s time to assess your small farm’s equipment needs. The slower pace provided by long winter nights and dormant fields provides some time to research those needs. Let this blog serve as a kick-start to establishing or improving your small-farm equipment inventory by providing you

Winterizing Your Hay Baling Equipment With winter approaching, it is time to remind of our customers of the importance of machinery maintenance. Now that the hectic harvest season is coming to an end, more time can be found to clean and service machinery. Then, once spring rolls around again your machinery will be in tip-top

Rake or Tedder? Do I Need Both?

Tuesday, 15 October 2019 by

Rake or Tedder? Do I Need Both? Farmers who want to make the jump to baling their own hay often ask about the differences between tedders and rakes. They also often ask if they can get by with one or the other. In this blog we will discuss the differences between these two implements and

Getting Started in Small-Farm Hay Production You own a small farm with a few animals. You’ve decided you want to make your own hay. Maybe you’re tired of paying high prices for hay. Maybe you’re constantly disappointed by the quality of hay available. Maybe you’re fed up with the contract hay baler who doesn’t think