Category 1 Quick Hitch

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Product Overview

Three point hitch Quick Hitch adaptor for making attachment hook-up easier.


The Kodiak Quick Hitch coverts the tractor 3-point hitch into a quick hitch for easy attachment of your implements. Attach the quick hitch to the tractor three point hitch with the pins provided. Once attached you can easily hook-up all quick hitch compatible attachments by rolling back and under the attachment hitch pins and latching them in place.

The lower mounting hooks on the Kodiak Quick Hitch are set at ASAE category 1 spread width. The upper attaching hook can be mounted in three positions to accomodate different vertical dimensions between the lower hitch pins and the top hitch pin on different attachments.


Model Kodiak Quick Hitch

Tractor Hitch and PTO

Category 1, 540 RPM PTO


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