Antonio Carraro TTR 4400 – For Contractors and Rental Yards

For the landscape contractor who needs to perform multiple operations – mowing, earthmoving, mulch spreading, loading and unloading pallets, brush clearing, post hole digging, hauling, etc., the Antonio Carraro TTR 4400 is a great choice. Get everything you need to the jobsite on a single trailer, rather than two or three. And work in comfort since you never have to crane your neck backwards to see an implement mounted behind you – with these tractors there is no front or back, only “right”.


Loader, forklift, wide-area mower, backhoe, snow plow, brush mower, slope mower, trencher, utility tractor. And it’s also easy to use, with toe-heel hydrostatic forward and reverse and simple, low-maintenance mechanical clutch. Your customers will be up to speed in no time and the commercial build quality means it won’t be spending time in your repair shop.