Antonio Carraro TTR 4400 – For Farm and Estate

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Utility and versatility are what make the Antonio Carraro TTR4400 such a good choice. Rugged, powerful, and dependable, the Carraro will handle all of your farm chores, and do them better and more safely than your current tractor.

Safety is job one on the farm. One of the highest causes of death and injury is from overturned tractors. The TTR4400 greatly reduces this risk in three ways:

  • Because it has a very low center of gravity and wide wheel stance, it is virtually impossible to tip over.
  • The oscillating chassis ensures that weight is always distributed to all 4 wheels no matter the terrain.
  • Your work can always be in front of you.  That means you’re always looking forward where you are driving.  Obstacles, hidden holes and ditch edges will be discovered before your tractor wheels reach them.

Full-time all-wheel drive and even weight distribution allow you to do traditional farm chores while leaving a light footprint on the land. The TTR4400 will even mow the lawn without damage to the turf due to its low ground pressure and full front and rear differential

The traction of a TTR4400 is hard to believe without experiencing for yourself. The difference is in the design.

There are 4 reasons tractions is improved:

  • Four large equal-sized wheels.  With a tire width of 12 ½ inches, the total ground engagement is greater than standard utility tractors.
  • Better weight distribution.  The front wheels of the tractor provide a great deal more assistance in pulling an implement along due to the overslung engine location, distributing more weight to the front wheels.
  • Lockable front and rear differential.  The option to lock either the front or rear differentials, or both, gives you total flexibility in transmitting the tractor’s power to the wheels.
  • Oscillating chassis.  On uneven ground, the weight of the front of the tractor stays over the front wheels, and the weight of the rear of the tractor plus any implement stays over the rear wheels.

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