TXL65 4 x 4 Round Baler by Abbriata

The TXL65 Round Baler by Abbriata of Italy makes a 4’ x 4’ bale that weighs about 500 pounds. At that weight it can still be moved by most any tractor with a front loader or 3 point bale spear, and can still be rolled around the barnyard by hand. This baler is a great solution for the hay producer who doesn’t have the manpower to collect small bales in the field, but does not want to upgrade to a much larger tractor to bale with a big round baler. Requires only 35 PTO horsepower to operate.

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Many of our customers love the idea of baling with a smaller tractor, but do not want the hassle of collecting all those small bales by hand in the field. The TXL65 is a round baler that makes a 4’ x 4’ bale (actually 47” x 47”) and can be operated with a tractor weighing 4500 pounds or more and having a PTO horsepower rating of 35+.

With a wide, 65” pickup, this baler can bale large windrows at fast ground speeds. Simple electric and hydraulic control can be comfortably operated from the driver’s seat. The baler uses standard twine and wraps quickly so you can be on your way. The twine wraps and cuts automatically after being started by the operator upon hearing the full chamber horn. Production rates of up to 10 tons per hour can be achieved with this machine.

Abbriata has been in business for over 100 years and was the first company in Europe to develop both the small round baler and the square baler. They make a commercial-duty, reliable machine that will give you years of trouble-free service.

MODEL M120 Superplus
Tractor connection central drawbar
Bale wrapping twine
Manufacturer Model M120 Super
Capacity 40 bales/hour
Bale size (diameter x width) 47″ x 47″
Bale weight 500 lbs
Pickup width 65″
Overall width 85″
Length 130″
Height 76″
Weight 4,070 lbs
Recommended minimum tractor horsepower 45 HP
Minimum tractor weight 4,570 lbs

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