TS51 Rotary Tiller by Caroni

Caroni tillers are high quality commercial-duty tillers that can be utilized with even small compact tractors.  They have features not found on the bargain brands and are designed for long life and easy maintenance.

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The Caroni FM series of tough compact medium-sized rotary tillers, suitable for tractors ranging from 20 to 50 HP, is ideal for small farms and landscaping companies.

Caroni makes two lines of tillers – one for hobby use, and another, the FM series, for commercial-duty use.  We carry the FM series, continuing our philosophy to provide our customers with commercial-duty equipment for their compact tractors.

Model 1100, at a working width of 44″, is perfect for subcompacts and older compact diesels.  Model 1700, with a working width of 67″, easily covers the width of larger utility tractors.  With multiple sizes available, there is one to fit any size category 1 tractor.


  • Adjustable skid shoes allow operator to accurately set tilling depth
  • Chain drive housed in oil bath provides efficient and durable power transfer
  • Adjustable 3 point hitch fits multiple sizes of Category 1 tractors and also allows offsetting the tiller 6 inches to the right.
  • Rear cover can be adjusted and held in place with integral chains
  • PTO shaft includes adjustable slip clutch to protect tiller and tractor from damage
Model TS51
Manufacturer Model FM1300ASC1853
Tilling width 51”
No. of tines 30
No. of flanges 6
Weight 595 lbs
Tractor power (HP) 20 – 50 HP
Working depth 8”
PTO speed 540
Hitch 2 Position Category 1

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Caroni Tiller
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