TS47 Compact Power Harrow with Mechanical Drop Seeder by R2 Rinaldi

The Tractor Tools Power Harrow/Seeders by R2 Rinaldi are the only low horsepower machines on the market that mill, aerate, seed, and level the soil in a single implement. The special grid roller on the back of the machine provides ideal compacting of the soil and at the same time covers the seed to a suitable depth. The TS47 gives you 47” of seeding width. This is the perfect machine for establishing hay fields in formerly row-cropped ground, or for prepping and seeding in one pass on construction sites and lawns.


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Soil Cultivation

Unlike a rotary tiller, the power harrow does not invert (turn over) or compact the lower layers of soil. This prevents dormant weed seeds from being brought to the surface and leaves the soil at its original composition, without hardpan formation. The rear roller leaves behind a light mesh pattern that lightly compacts the soil, sealing the surface to prevent moisture loss while providing an optimal bed for receiving seeds. It is great for getting rid of weeds between rows. Any weeds in its path are quickly stirred up and uprooted by the tines.

As Jean-Martin Fortier, author of The Market Gardener says, “One pass with the power harrow gives us a perfectly conditioned bed ready for transplants and direct-seeded crops. Overall, it’s far superior to a rototiller and I would recommend trying it first before adopting another tilling or spading device. It’s also worth mentioning that the better ones are built by Rinaldi R2.”


If you have some rough ground that needs to be good and flat, whether it be a racing track, a rodeo arena, a construction site, or any rugged area that needs to be graded, a power harrow is the perfect solution. It starts the leveling process with a scraper blade in front. Its vertical tines then rotate in a horizontal pattern to stir up uneven surfaces and smooth them out. Horizontal motion and super durable tines mean that rocks – even fairly big rocks – are not much of a problem. The light mesh pattern it leaves behind is an attractive finish.


The mechanical seeder on this machine gives you total adjustability and adds an important additional function to the already versatile power harrow.  Seeding rates is infinitely variable, and because it is driven by the rear roller, seed does not continue to drop when the tractor stops.  This means less waste and more even coverage.  The harrow can easily be used without the seeder function as well, meaning you get two implements in one.

The Right Fit For Your Operation

Tractor Tools Direct offers two sizes of power harrow/seeder. The TS47, with a seeding width of 47 inches, makes it suitable for tighter spaces.  The T57, at a seeding width of 57 inches, is a great choice for bigger tractors and jobs.

Components and Features:

  • Italian engineering and manufacturing quality
  • Hardened steel gears run in an oil bath
  • Side panels are spring-loaded to allow rocks to pass around outer rotors without damaging tines
  • Adjustable-height scraper blade in front pre-grades the soil for optimal leveling
  • Seed rate is fully adjustable and works with a wide range of seeds
  • Working depth of the rotating tines is fully adjustable


Model TS47
Cultivating Width 4’
Leveling Width 4’
Mesh Roller Width 4’-3”
Seeding width 47”
Machine Height 2’-10”
Machine Depth 2’-6”
Tractor Engine Power (HP) 20-30
Working Depth Down to 6 1/4”
Number of Tines 14
Number of Rotors 7
Weight 590 lbs.

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TS48 Compact Power Harrow with Mechanical Drop Seeder
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