Lift Kit for Galfre 105-130 Drum Mowers

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Tractor Tools Direct is now the only drum mower retailer that offers a drum mower with variable cutting height. This kit, when added to any of our 105 or 130 drum mowers, increases the cutting height by one full inch. The extra cutting height can be advantageous in a number of situations:

  • Reduces possibility of scalping on rough ground.
  • Helps to avoid small stones and rodent and insect mounds, extending blade life and reducing dust and possible thrown materials.
  • Leaving more stubble on certain crops can promote faster drying as the cut crop is kept higher off of wet ground.
  • Some hay crops recover faster when the leaving more stem intact.

The kit is provided with everything you need to install on your 105 or 130 Galfre Drum Mower.

Kit contains:

  • Two machined spacer plates
  • 8 longer bolts to accommodate the extra length required
  • A tube of sealant to keep moisture out of the bearing housing
  • A bottle of thread locking compound for the 8 bolts
  • A printed guide with photos of how to install the kit