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The TX110 Tedder can significantly decrease drying times for your hay. This tedder boasts superior Italian manufacturing quality and requires only 15 minimum PTO horsepower. Rest assured – you can produce your own hay with your low-horsepower tractor!

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A tedder is an essential tool to have around when you want quality hay and a speedy production process. Tedders lift and turn the mown hay and spread it out. This action speeds drying and dissipates heat, sealing in nutrients as the hay cures and ensuring that mold and bacteria do not develop.

The TX110 Tedder is light-weight, efficient, and easy to use. It does not use hydraulics, and with a minimum of only 15 PTO horsepower required, virtually any tractor with a pull-type hitch and a PTO can operate it. Just connect the drawbar, attach the PTO shaft, and start tedding.

Unlike the competition, the TX110 strikes the perfect balance between light weight and quality manufacturing. If you read the specifications, you will see that cheaper tedders are lighter – they use less metal and lower quality materials. You will get greater value and fewer problems with the TX110.


  • Operable by any tractor with a pull-type hitch and a PTO with at least 15 horsepower
  • Angle adjustment bar for setting your tedder at the optimal position
  • No hydraulics required
  • Superior Italian engineering and manufacturing quality

This tedder is shipped partially disassembled, with instructions for assembly included in the crate (and written in plain English). Our friendly staff is also available to assist you with any questions or concerns you have over the phone. We are the only hay equipment seller that provides our customers with this level of service to ensure a trouble free assembly that will get you out in the field in no time.


Model TX110
Working Width 9′ 3″ (2.8 m)
Transport Width 8′ 3″ (2.5 m)
No. of Rotors/Baskets/Stars 2
No. of Arms per Rotor 6
No. of Tines per Arm 2
Weight 412 lbs (187 kg)
PTO Speed 540 rpm
Minimum PTO HP 15
Tires 3.50 x 6
Hitch Pull-Behind Drawbar

The TX110 hay tedder ships out unassembled, bozed and palleted.

The TX110 hay tedder ships out unassembled, boxed and palleted.


Shipping rates apply to the continental United States only. Please call 260-225-3429 to inquire about shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, or international.


TX110 Hay Tedder
Delivery Type Continental US
Commercial or Freight Terminal $ 199.00
Farm or Residential $ 269.00
Farm/Residential with lift gate $ 339.00
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A tedder is a machine that spreads and turns over loose hay in the field. This action exposes the hay on the underside of a pile to air and sunlight, speeding up the drying process. Tedders use a rotary motion to grab the hay with spinning tines and cast it out the back of the machine.

Heavy hay in humid climates can dry faster by tedding. It is also an indispensable machine for spreading hay out to dry after a rain. Although some farmers get by without a tedder, it is smart to have a machine that can do this important job if and when you need it. Furthermore, if you have a conventional drum mower other than a Galfre, the windrow created by the mower will not dry unless spread out or turned over. The Galfre drum mower, however, combines the job of the mower and tedder into one machine.

Tedders come in all sizes, from 6 feet wide to over 20 feet wide for large tractors. They don’t use much horsepower, so most any tractor with a PTO can run them. They come in both tow behind designs and 3-point connection. The advantage of the 3-point connection is that they can be lifted over obstacles like windrows, and they can be more easily transported. The disadvantage of the 3-point connection is that some tractors may have trouble lifting them.

Some rakes will double as tedders, to varying degrees of success. Wheel rakes can flip a windrow over, or can agitate hay that is spread in the field, but they tend to leave clumps of hay that don’t dry well. Some machines are specifically built to convert between raking and tedding. However, most take a great deal of work to switch from one to the other, costing you valuable time, usually when you don’t have it.

The best rake design for use as a tedder is the Molon Power Rake. Switching from rake to tedder with this machine only takes a few seconds, and they truly spread the hay evenly as a tedder should. If you don’t want to buy a separate tedder, the Molon rake will be your best bet.

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