Belt Rakes

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TX78 Mini Belt Rake by Molon

The TX78 Mini Belt Rake, made by Molon of Italy, is a great choice for hobby farmers and those wanting to gather hay with very small tractors. Its raking width is adjustable from 5 to 6 ½ feet. As our smallest rake, it is lightweight and compact, and requires very little horsepower to operate. This rake is a perfect fit for subcompacts like the Kubota BX series and John Deere 1 Series, and pairs well with our TX48 Mini Round Baler.

TXP78 Pine Straw Rake by Molon

The TX-P78 Pine Straw Rake, made by Molon of Italy, is the perfect choice for pine straw producers and those wanting to rake hay in very restricted spaces. Its raking width is adjustable from 5 to 6 ½ feet. Though it is no wider than our TX78 Mini Belt rake, it has features that make it better suited to the rigors of all-day use in the pine plantation. This model adds a second belt for driving the tines, pneumatic rear wheels with quick-adjust levers, and heavier section steel tubing. Compact enough to fit in the footprint of most small utility tractors, it will get you in spaces other rakes won’t. It’s a perfect match for our TP33 Pine Straw baler.


Complete Pine Straw Baling Package – Net Wrap

Get your complete commercial-duty pine straw baling package now! Includes: An Abbriata Mini Round Roto-Baler (Net Wrap, 3-Point Model), 1 Pallet of Net Wrap (16,000 bales), and a Molon 120 Compact Belt Rake.