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TX43 Rotary Tiller by Caroni

Caroni tillers are high quality commercial-duty tillers that can be utilized with even small compact tractors.  They have features not found on the bargain brands and are designed for long life and easy maintenance.


T28 PTO Powered Log Splitter

Finally, a log splitter that doesn’t require hydraulics from the tractor AND doesn’t need its own engine. Just hook this log splitter up to your tractor’s PTO and 3 point hitch and you are ready to go. Simple to connect and use, it’s a perfect fit for compact tractor owners.

TX52 Flail Mower

The 4’-4” working width of this flail mower is narrow enough for tight spaces, but it is still built to commercial duty standards. We're proud to offer an exclusive line of commercial grade flail mowers for compact tractors. A flail mower is a superior implement for tough jobs like brush and pasture mowing. And flail mowers evenly distribute clippings, without clumps that kill the grass underneath. We’ve teamed up with Del Morino of Italy to produce a compact flail mower with features not found in the light-duty bargain brands.

TX35 Mini Power Harrow by R2 Rinaldi

The Tractor Tools Power Harrows by R2 Rinaldi are the only low horsepower harrows on the market that mill, aerate, and level the soil in a single implement.  The TX35 has 35” of harrow width, which is the perfect width for very narrow row spacing and for raised beds.  The power harrow is great for gardens, fields, construction sites, sporting facilities, and anywhere else you need perfectly leveled, weed-free ground.